For hospitals

MyMedJob is the new way to recruit employees. We will advise you and recruit suitable skilled staff for your facility.

New ways to recruit employees

Most healthcare facilities in Germany are now feeling the effects of the shortage of skilled workers. It is estimated that a further 700,000 skilled workers will be needed by 2030 – personnel resources in Germany will hardly be able to cover this demand. With qualified nursing staff from third countries, you can cover the personnel requirements of your hospital or nursing facility both today and into the future.

MyMedJob supports hospital and nursing facility operators in recruiting new staff from Albania, Brazil, the Philippines and Vietnam. We will accompany you throughout the entire recruitment process.

Consulting and project management

MyMedJob has extensive experience in recruiting personnel from third countries and knows what is important when it comes to implementation. We are familiar with the legal and administrative ins and outs, we develop realistic time frames, provide information about recognition procedures and have an insight into the cultural backgrounds of future employees, which is so important for successful integration and cooperation.

When the project starts, we will work with you to create an attractive employer profile and develop job descriptions for skilled employees. During the recruiting and recognition process, we will assist you with advice and support you in questions of successful integration. If you wish, we can handle project management and coordinate the entire process for you.

Employment service and recruitment

MyMedJob has a large pool of carefully selected nurses from whom we can propose suitable candidates at short notice. We also offer you the option of recruiting health professionals specifically according to your job description and your desired starting dates.

Our applicant pool includes nurses, including specialist ICU, geriatric, surgical nurses, as well as radiographers (MTRAs) from Albania, Brazil, the Philippines and Vietnam.

In order to get to know the applicants better, to talk about their expectations of a nursing career in Germany and common goals, we take the time for detailed interviews and talks and review qualifications at an early stage. We also involve our customers at an early stage in the process of getting to know each other so that they can sit in on the interviews on site or via video conference.

Support in recognition and integration management

MyMedJob prepares candidates extensively for their career start in Germany. We provide linguistic (up to B1/2) and cultural training courses and assist applicants throughout the entire process, even after they have entered Germany, right up until the determination of equivalence: be it a preparatory course for recognition, preparation for the specialist examination, implementation of compensatory measures or support in applying for visas.

The request for professional recognition is submitted to the competent local authorities and differs from one federal state to the next. We support healthcare and nursing facilities and nursing staff in official matters.

A typical process

Month 1 Development of requirements

We set up a joint project in which needs and job descriptions are drawn up along with your employer profile for nurses from third countries.

Months 3-4 Recruitment and assessment

We propose suitable candidates from our pool of qualified specialists or recruit further candidates according to your specific needs. Basic suitability is checked in this phase.

Months 4-10 Language training

Language training up to the level B1 test can take different lengths of time depending on the prior language skills. It is estimated that an additional four months should be planned up to the level B2 test.

Months 10-11 Selection interviews and employment contracts

If the candidates have reached at least language level B1, the selection interviews take place and employment contracts are concluded. This is followed by the professional recognition process.

Months 11-12 Professional recognition

After examination of the qualifications, the applicants receive a preliminary decision in which it is determined whether the specialist knowledge test can be taken after entry into Germany or whether additional practical and theoretical lessons must be completed. A visa can be applied for with the provisional decision.

Months 12-16 Visa application

A visa is required for entry to Germany outside the EU. It takes one to four months for a visa to be issued, during which time candidates receive further linguistic and cultural training.

Months 17-18 Entry and determination of equivalence

About 18 months after the first assessment, nurses can move to Germany. After entry, the specialist knowledge test or other measures to determine equivalence will be carried out.

Nursing staff from third countries